Arbors & Trellises

Arbors and Trellises bring out the beauty of your home and garden and enhance the overall look and feel. They also maintain the integrity of your home’s architectural style, offering a much more natural selection than other maintenance-free products such as aluminum arbors & trellises.

Arbor Styles

Heavy Duty


The Pergola

Brookfield. Distinctive in Design. Well-proportioned and handsomely detailed, this exotic structure blends the principles of peace and harmony together in a distinctive design.

Springfield. Simple and Quiet. A graceful arched curve distinguishes this modestly-priced version from its larger cousin, the Nantucket. Reserved for more delicate settings, this distinctive yet eye-catching design offers a subtle accent for the gardenscape.

Strubridge. A Modern Classic. Designed for living and dreaming, they are as smart as they are beautiful.The Sturbridge Arbor will endure a lifetime, bringing with it all those memories of carefree enjoyment.