Chain Link Fence Estimator

Chain Link Fence systems offer years of maintenance-free, long-lasting protection. They are easy to install and provide a high level of security. Our supplier coats all steel chain-link components with a proven anti-corrosive agent, used for more than 200 years.

Aluminized residential chain-link fencing systems have been preferred for decades to define property lines and enclose animals, as well as, protect and add value to property.

Metropolitan Fence, a chain link fence estimator, who serves the Milwaukee, Waukesha and surrounding areas, carries all types of decorative windscreens, polyethylene or aluminum slats that are available in a variety of colors, they can be added to create an attractive screen for your property perimeter.

Chain Link Fence Features and Benefits:

  • Chain link fencing is versatile because it allows a clear view of the surrounding through the mesh, while performing the safety, enclosure and delimitation functions it is typically installed for
  • Residential and commercial chain-link fence systems are commonly used because they are durable and easy to install
  • All steel components used in our chain-link fence systems are hot-dip zinc coated, guaranteed with a 7 year or 12 year coating warranty
  • The ties used to attach the chain-link fabric to cross bars between posts are aluminum, which will not rust and is maintenance-free
  • Fence caps, rail ends and eye tops are die-cast aluminum