PVC Picket Fences | Vinyl Picket Fences

A home with a white PVC or vinyl picket fence is the quintessential symbol of achieving the American dream.

Our Bufftech® PVC | Vinyl Picket Fences by CertainTeed™ go beyond the classic white and come in a range of styles and colors — from straight and scalloped to pointed and square pickets.

PVC | Vinyl Picket Fence Color Options

                            (Not all colors are available for every style, please see specifications)

Vinyl | PVC Picket Fence Styles:

Contemporary Vinyl Picket Fence

Traditional Vinyl Picket Fence

Classic Vinyl Picket Fence

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We maintain a commitment to quality, utilizing high-end Bufftech® vinyl fencing products from Certainteed™ which include a lifetime transferable warranty.